Landon Rodig (left) and Jake Sager barter with John O’Daniel (right) at the Kidz Bizz Garage Sale. PHOTO COURTESY OF HEATHER RODIG


Youngsters from the Skagway community got a taste of business management on Aug. 13 at the Kidz Bizz Garage Sale.
This was the first year for the Kidz Bizz; Skagway Chamber of Commerce Office Administrator Blaine Mero said the chamber would like to hold it again in 2018.
“It was a small turnout, but the parents and the kids that participated thought it was really worthwhile, and they were really glad that we did it,” Mero said.
While the event was originally supposed to be held outdoors in the chamber’s parking lot, a spurt of bad weather forced the kids to relocate across the street to the Elk’s Lodge.
“Because of the weather, we just couldn’t chance it, we knew it was going to rain, and it did,” Mero said. “So I’m grateful to the Elks for letting us use that as our second home to do this, because it wouldn’t have happened otherwise.”
The purpose of the event was to give kids the opportunity to learn for themselves what it is to run a small business for a day – to earn money while being responsible for their table of merchandise.
“This is our way of kind of teaching them in a small way what it is like to get all their stuff together on their own, price it, haggle with the people that are buying stuff so they understand what work is like, and then they get the benefits of their work,” Mero said.
“It was really a fun event. We had snow cones and free snacks, and everybody was buying each other’s stuff. I think they all went home with more stuff than they brought.”