I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the charitable folks that made a pledge to sponsor Bruce Weber, Peddling for a Cause, a fundraiser to support Cancer Connection of Southeast Alaska. Cancer Connection has a host of resources for those that need additional assistance after receiving the maximum possible from our local wonderful Cancer Awareness Charity. Bruce started tracking his mileage on June 1 and completed his bike ride on August 31, logging a whopping 1,236 miles. A big thank-you to Bruce for participating. We were able to raise $4,726.04 in this short time, all made possible by the generosity of the following donors:

Debbie and Ron Ackerman, Ken and Jill Cox, Fred and Kathy Hosford, Alaska Excursions and Murphy Family, Helene Crouch, Gladys Moran, Betsy Albecker, Tina Cyr, Northern Lights Pizzeria, Alaska Power & Telephone, Peter and LeeAnn Deane, Rocky Occult, JoAnn Arnold, Darla and Carey Dorn, Chris Paulson and Skagway Scooters, Linda Bingham, Donna Everson (Bingham), Red Onion Saloon, Jamie and Corey Bricker, Fairbanks/Fairway Family, Mark and Nan Saldi, John and Clover Briner, Bob Fink, Skagway Hardware, Lizzie Carlson, Renee Fleming, Starfire, Chilkoot Trail Outpost, Frontier Excursions, Michaella Thomas, Greg and Billi Clem, Jeff Hamilton Family, Cindy Von Halle, Dennis and Nancy Corrington, Steve and Gayla Hites and the White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad.

A shout-out to all those who were supportive of this fundraiser, I give my heartfelt thanks on behalf of Cancer Connection of Southeast Alaska.

Kathy Hosford, Organizer