Eliza Myers treks through the woods at the Haines Invitational. PHOTO BY JEFF BRADY


Judging by performances and growth so far this season, Skagway cross-country coach Kenton Gilmartin thinks getting at least a trio of students to state is a likely possibility.

“I’m not going to say it’s anything due to their raw natural skill – they’ve been working for it,” Gilmartin said. “They went to running camp, they’ve been training hard, they’ve been there every day…and it’s all that will, and determination to be there.

“I’m confident because they’re working for it. Cross-country is as much a mental sport as it is a physical sport.”

Junior Danny Brady took 8th place in the Juneau Invitational on Aug. 26, and Wyatt Belisle took the 14 slot. Fast-forward to the Sept. 2 Haines Invitational, where Brady stole into 1st, and Belisle jumped ten ranks forward into 4th place. Gilmartin said Belisle pushed that far forward while running through an asthma attack during the last quarter-mile of his race.

“And almost squeezed in second place, in the middle of an asthma attack,” Gilmartin said. “That’s the determination they’re showing.”

The boys team at the start of the Juneau Invitational. PHOTO BY JEFF BRADY

The girls team has made similar leaps in placing, with Eliza Myers going from 43rd to 19th between the two meets.

“Eliza is doing outstanding, she is really motivated to make state,” Gilmartin said.

All the members of both teams have potential to shave time from their runs, Gilmartin said.

So far every Skagway runner – excluding Madison Cox, Brady and Belisle – have hit a personal record.

“Danny and Wyatt and Maddy are expected to [PR] at Sitka,” Gilmartin said.

Gilmartin also highlighted his freshmen runners, saying Silas Myers, Gavin Goebel and Kalie Thomas are all “running their hearts out.”

“They’re freshmen, they’re just learning now what they are capable of,” Gilmartin said. “And they’re, all three of them are great runners, and I feel very bad for the rest of the league once those three know what they are capable of.”

The Skagway cross-country teams head to Sitka on Sept. 15, and will go to regionals in Ketchikan on Sept. 23.

Results from Juneau and Haines are below:

Juneau Invitational


8th • Danny Brady • 18:18

14th • Wyatt Belisle • 19:12

51st • Silas Myers • 21:25

57th • Steaven McKnight • 21:42

65th • Gavin Goebel • 22:10


43rd • Eliza Myers • 25:59

80th • Kalie Thomas • 32:12

Haines Invitational


1st • Danny Brady • 18:16

4th • Wyatt Belisle • 18:46

28th • Silas Myers • 20:43

29th • Steaven McKnight • 20:52

30th • Gavin Goebel • 20:53


19th • Eliza Myers • 26:07

33rd • Madison Cox • 29:01

42nd • Kara Whitehead • 30:36

45th • Jessica Whitehead • 31:36

47th • Mocha Lahrman • 32:08

54th • Sadie Murphy • 39:54