I first became aware of Roger Griffin’s existence several years back, after he wrote a letter to the editor in The Skagway News stating that the municipality was recklessly spending the municipality’s money on the Seawalk Project. Sadly that was the first, but not the last time Roger would be dead wrong on the facts. The Municipality of Skagway never spent a cent on that project, it was paid for by State and Federal grant money, all $5 million of it. More recently he has incorrectly stated in a complaint to the Alaska Public Offices Commission that city representatives received gifts of over $250 from the White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad, while in Florida on city business concerning lease agreement discussions. Wrong again. Myself and Mayor Selmer, Tom Healy (the interim city manager), Steven Burnham Jr. and Bob Blasco (the city attorney) never received anything from White Pass. We initiated the meeting in hopes of getting access to build out the Gateway Project. We initiated the meeting! We were expecting to pay every cent from Skagway to Florida, and back to Skagway. White Pass offered to pick up the cost of the rooms and meals, and I said “ heck yeah!” knowing the simple math was if they pay, Skagway will save money. I did knock several golf balls into the lake with my 9-iron and, accepted a sleeve of Titleist Pro V’s (cost: $15). I should have used my 8-iron.

Simple, either we paid for the entire trip, or White Pass chips in and we share cost.

I only know one thing for sure: I wasn’t paying. So, time after time he gets it wrong and nobody says anything. My advice would be to do or say the opposite of what you’re thinking and you’ll get one right, for once. Oh, and by the way, I was not the second gunman behind the “grassy knoll,” I was only 8 years old at the time.

Best Regards,

Dan Henry • Skagway