Benjamin Burnham (left) and Lina Hischer (right). PHOTO BY DAN FOX

Lina Hischer

Responsibility is the quality of being reliable and dependable. It is doing what you are supposed to do, and setting a good example. When it comes to handling responsibility, this student has taken on a lot at a young age, but manages it all very well. In the classroom, this student takes responsibility for her learning by asking questions, giving 100 percent on a daily basis and engaging in positive relationships with her peers. Her hard work and dedication to our team doesn’t go unnoticed by her teacher or classmates. Though she may not be aware of it, this student is a leader. When she enters the classroom, she brings a quiet resolve to do the right thing, which has a positive effect on the students around her. This student’s love for reading and writing prompted the start of our school’s newspaper club, and her dedication is seen late into the night as she reports at school board meetings. She loves children, and has proven to be a responsible babysitter, not to mention “egg sitter.” No wonder she came back with a family of eggs, she loves taking care of animals too! She is the sole provider to feed and clean the cage of her pet at home.

As you can see, this student takes pride in being responsible in all areas of her life, and we notice it. The elementary student of the month for September and the character word of responsibility is Lina Hischer.

Benjamin Burnham

The student chosen for the September Student of the Month Award sets a perfect example of responsibility in the classroom. This student is always prepared for class, eager to learn and up for a new challenge each class. When teachers are working with other students, this student takes the responsibility upon himself to offer a hand to other classmates in need. This makes the responsibility of classroom management an easy task. This student not only shows responsibility to himself, others and the school – he also encourages others to be responsible. He produces high-quality work, is prepared and timely, uses his time wisely, follows directions and helps when he sees there’s a need. He always applies himself 100 percent and encourages others to do the same. Our secondary student of the month for September and the character word of responsibility is Benjamin Burnham.