The Skagway Recreation Center would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the following people for helping us make our annual Halloween Carnival a huge success. Thank you to the O’Daniel family (John, Cindy, Kaylie and Adam) for volunteering every year to host games for the kids. We know how busy you are and how much volunteer work you already do for our community, and just want to tell you how greatly appreciated you all are! Thank you Andrew Cremata aka Kylo Ren for once again being such a great MC for us, and thank you Cory Thole for rocking Spider Web Hockey. You would make Alex King proud! Thank you Katie Auer for your amazing face painting skills and thank you Elise Decker and Danielle Authier for running our Plinko and Pin the Wart on the Witch games.

Thank you to all the amazing bakers who donated cakes and cupcakes for our cake walk and thank you Rec Center staff members Jeanne Tyson, Dena May, Richelle Lyttge, KayLynn Howard, Therese Masellis and Hannah Clark for your enthusiasm and energy in your work to decorate and make it happen! We had 82 kids between 4 and 12 attend and at least 25 kids under 3 bopping around as well.

The proceeds from this event raised $410, which has been placed in our Program Fund account to help offset the cost of the event itself.

Warm Regards,

Katherine Nelson • Recreation Center Director