From left: Callia Fielding, Wynter Radey-Morgan and Ryder Calver accept pose with their Student of the Month awards during the Halloween Costume Parade at the Skagway School. PHOTO BY DAN FOX

Callia Fielding

Respect is how a person treats others by showing kindness and courtesy and being polite to all.

The junior high/high school student of the month clearly demonstrates these traits. This student is respectful by acknowledging other people’s feelings, is open to their ideas, qualities and achievements and treats all with dignity.

She is the first to volunteer to help either in class or in student council. In P.E., she gives it her all, participates in all activities and tries her best even when she is uncertain.

If she has forgotten to do something for Algebra I, she approaches her teacher immediately in the morning and is very open and forthcoming in what she needs to do and gets it done before class starts. During music class, she is very responsive to direction and agreeable and willing to do the task. As a veteran robotics student, she leads through example by working with her teammates to find solutions in a positive manner. The October student of the month for junior high and high school is Callia Fielding.

Ryder Calver

Our elementary student of the month is truly a model of respect. He respects himself by always trying his hardest and persevering with every assignment. He shows respect for others’ feelings and needs. He sees their needs and unselfishly puts their needs first.

He respects the school and always follows the rules. School staff regularly receives compliments on the behavior and demeanor of this young man. Because he always radiates respect and is a wonderful role model for younger students and his peers, the award for student of the month for the month of October and the character word of respect goes to Ryder Calver.

Wynter Radey-Morgan

Our second elementary student of the month demonstrates respect consistently within her classroom and throughout our school community. Teachers and staff notice her respectful manners and kindness in her pleasant good morning greetings and well-wishes for a nice evening as she leaves each day. She always makes eye contact and smiles when she greets you.

This standout student exemplifies respect to other students and classes as she walks quietly in the hallways while other classes are in session and when she is working in shared spaces.

Not only is she quiet in the hallway and shared spaces, but during work time in the classroom she illuminates respect for her classmates’ learning as she respects their quiet classroom.

While in the lunchroom, on the playground, in the gym or classroom, this student is always sure to show respect and gratitude for others by thanking them for their efforts. Especially noticeable in the lunchroom, after lunch she regularly walks over to Marco and Dylan, even pops her head into the kitchen, and thanks them for the delicious lunch.

While this student consistently exudes respect for others, children and adults alike, she is also a role model for self-respect.

She works extremely hard to push herself to be the best she can be in her schoolwork, with her contributions to her robotics team and the Newspaper Club, and her commitment to striving to continually improve in basketball, running and wrestling.

October’s elementary student of the month for respect is Wynter Radey-Morgan!