November 2nd

An officer performed a paper service.

November 3rd

A report of shattered glass near 1.5 Mile Klondike Highway was received. DOT was advised.

November 4th

Dispatch assisted a visitor with locating another gas station after attempts to contact the first gas station were futile.

November 5th

Dispatch assisted a resident with contacting the On-Duty Provider.

A report of a lost cell phone was received.

Dispatch received a report of a dog at large.

November 6th

Dispatch received a noise complaint regarding a barking dog.

Dispatch received a report regarding a Facebook post involving found drugs. An officer was made aware of the report.

November 7th

Dispatch assisted officers with locating a missing person.

November 9th

Dispatch notified the clinic of an incoming patient.

A set of keys were reported lost and later found by their owner.

Dispatch referred a caller reporting a civil issue to the magistrate.

November 10th

An officer responded to a report of suspicious persons on private property.

November 12th

Dispatch assisted an individual with contacting the On-Duty Provider.

November 13th

Fire Department and Search and Rescue personnel responded to a stranded boat.

November 14th

A lost wallet was turned in to SPD.

An officer completed a paper service.

November 15th

A lost wallet was reported.

November 16th

Dispatch gave listed road conditions to a caller.

Dispatch received a report of suspicious phone calls offering computer repair services.

November 18th

Dispatch assisted in connecting an out of town relative with a local resident. The relative hadn’t heard from the local resident in quite some time and was worried.

A report of a lost iPhone was received.

November 19th

A report of a winter watchman light being on at a downtown business was received.