The Generosity of Skagway

The Skagway DDF team would like to thank all the judges, timers and volunteers who came out to help with Skagway’s home DDF meet.

We needed over 80 judges to judge six rounds of debate, and three rounds of 11 other events.

The town hosted nearly 100 students from six schools and over 144 entries. I have heard nothing but praise from coaches and DDF competitors.

I would also like to thank the municipality for allowing the assembly chambers to be used for the final debate, and the Eagles for allowing the Days of ’98 stage be used for commands.

Both of the venues, according to one coach, “raised the bar” of DDF meets in Southeast.

Finally, I’d like to thank Abby Myers, Albert and Arlene (CJ’s parents), Christine Murphy, Lisa Whitehead and Este Fielding for providing food and coffee for the hospitality room.

Again the generosity of Skagway citizens with their time and willingness to support the youth of this town is overwhelming, and it just proves how great of a town we live in.


Kent Fielding, Jonathan Baldwin, Skagway DDF Team members Eliza Myers, Danny Brady, Kara Whitehead, Jessica Whitehead, Micah Cook, Steaven McKnight, Sadie Murphy, CJ Dormido