November 20th

EMS personnel assisted with a scheduled medevac.

November 21st

A report regarding an injured bird was relayed to the bird rescue group.

Dispatch coordinated with Customs and RCMP regarding a missing motorist.

November 22nd

An officer was advised of a report of an erratic driver.

November 23rd

Multiple gunshots were reported near Yakutania Point.

November 24th

Road conditions were relayed to a caller.

November 25th

A suspicious ajar door at a local residence was reported to have been found.

November 26th

A single vehicle accident was reported near the ferry terminal.

November 27th

Dispatch contacted a building owner regarding multiple reported alarms.

November 28th

EMS personnel assisted with a scheduled medevac.

November 29th

A report of alleged animal abuse was received.

November 30th

EMS personnel responded to an auto dialer 911 call. There ended up being no emergency.

December 1st

EMS personnel assisted with a scheduled medevac.

December 2nd

An officer gave a courtesy ride to two individuals.

An officer made contact with two individuals yelling outside.

An officer received a complaint from a resident that someone had made a U-turn on his lawn.

A found mirror was reported at the Public Safety Facility.

December 3rd

Dispatch received a report of trespassing.

An audible alarm was reported.

December 4th

An audible alarm at company housing was reported. Responsible party was notified.

An officer responded to a report of an open door at a downtown business. The door was secured.