Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat … the goose being those that will benefit financially from the new and thoroughly revised plans for a Skagway Senior Center. People, hear me out: This is not the plan on which you voted and approved by the teensiest margin.

This is another box, like the rectangular box few people like at Big Dippers, like the Presbyterian Rec Hall box that is so inviting that no one hangs out after Senior Lunch.

Much to my dismay and chagrin, after spending four years sifting through all our surveys and incorporating all the local input we had gathered, zilch city. Apparently our design was totally unrealistic. I was left out of the loop, got no notifications about any of the meetings and ignored by the group that was working with the architects on the final draft. You may call it sour grapes. I call it being realistic. I cannot support this draft in any way.

If your building is not user-friendly, it won’t have users. If your building isn’t easy maintenance, it will cost a fortune to maintain.

If your building plans don’t touch the heart, you aren’t going to get outside support, people to work on raising funds for it, or even folks willing to help fund it. I call boondoggle here. It needs to be scrapped.

Betsy Albecker • Long-time senior resident of Skagway