December 16th

EMS personnel responded to a medical emergency.

December 17th

An officer responded to suspicious activity at a local residence.

December 18th

A found dog was reported.

December 22nd

Dispatch received a report of a suspicious phone call.

December 23rd

A suspicious driver was reported.

December 24th

An officer performed a courtesy ride for a local resident.

Dispatch contacted a local business owner regarding an open door.

December 25th

Dispatch assisted a local resident with contacting the On-Duty Provider.

December 26th

A lost dog was reported.

December 27th

A dog was reported loose, but it was later found.

EMS personnel responded to a medical emergency.

Dispatch contacted the local bird rescue group regarding an injured bird.

A small dog was reported loose.

December 28th

Dispatch made a public alert regarding high winds and wind chill.

December 29th

Fire Department personnel responded to a brush fire at a local residence.

December 30th

An officer assisted with a resident locked out of their home.

Dispatch contacted a homeowner regarding a winter watchman light.