Dawson Clem (left) and Logan Rupprecht (right). PHOTOS BY DAN FOX

December – Integrity

Logan Rupprecht

This student has strong moral principals, and does a great job of showing integrity. He is honest and trustworthy. Even when he’s made a poor choice, he’s always ready to own up and face the consequences. This second-grader works hard to follow the rules in school and sets an example for his peers on a daily basis by being a role model student. He returns homework on time, supports others as they learn, gives his best effort and does the right thing, even when nobody is looking.

Dawson Clem

This December Student of the Month shows integrity in many ways. This student is honest and is quick to take ownership for his actions. This student is polite and always has a kind word to say to his current and past teachers. If this student sees or hears something that he doesn’t think is right, he isn’t afraid to vocalize his beliefs in a calm and understanding way.

Seth Tronrud (left), Zach Breen (middle) and Mason Jennings (right).

January – Tolerance

Zach Breen

Zach Breen is one of those students who respects all ideas. In class, he consistently gives others room to express their thoughts and beliefs, even if he is radically opposed to them.

Being interested in ideas, he listens closely, thinks and responds intellectually to the argument at hand. Recently, on an AP assignment that asked the students to solve “America’s Racism Problem,” Zach wrote nearly 10 pages that started with an overview of the history of racism in America, and also delved into the idea that racism stems from a failure to see others as complete beings and not listening to their voices.

Zach – on the Climate Change trip – last year proved that he values other people, other cultures and does his best to understand who people are.

At one point a Marshallese lady even invited him back to help teach in a workshop in the future. Zach absolutely symbolizes what it means to be tolerant.

Mason Jennings

This student exemplifies what it means to be accepting of others, even if they are different than you. He is the first to invite new friends with a cheerful “come play with us!” and the first to accept an apology with a gentle “that’s okay.”

If someone is feeling left out, he goes out of his way to make sure they are included.

When making groups, his teachers know he can cooperate with anyone.

He is aware that we all have different strengths and weaknesses, and he lifts others up to celebrate the joys we all share. Even adults could learn a thing or two about tolerance from this fine young man.

Seth Tronrud

Tolerance is accepting differences and the uniqueness of others, and celebrating the common ground we share.

Yolanda King stated, “What we need to do is learn to respect and embrace our differences until our differences don’t make a difference in how we are treated.”

Our elementary Student of the Month totally exemplifies the attribute of tolerance.

He accepts the differences of all people and respects their unique personalities and physical appearances.

He has had unique challenges in his life, but he has not let these differences make him resentful or dependent.

He has the strength to look beyond the limits that life can place upon him, and keeps striving to live the best life he can live.

He is like Martin Luther King Jr.: he never lets others hold him back, but keeps working and striving forward. He is patient with others as they learn tolerance in their lives.

Because of his excellent example of tolerance, we have chosen Seth Tronrud to be our elementary Student of the Month.