A doctorate degree in classical guitar and musicology is what Dimitris Kotronakis has achieved! How many people can boast of that? Graduating from the University of Athens, Greece, in 2014, he has been awarded first place in many competitions worldwide.

An amazing classical guitarist who has established a reputation of being one of the preeminent guitarists of his generation, he has performed in Russia, Spain, Poland, Romania, Portugal, Europe, China, North and South America and soon Skagway, Alaska.

With at least seven CD’s available, Classical Guitar Magazine wrote of his recordings,  “…the speed at which Kotronakis can ‘knock out’ some of this music is quite breathtaking…this is a startlingly exciting recording which captures the amazing artistry of a very distinct player.”

The classical music portal classical.net wrote, “Kotronakis performs with perhaps one of the most virtuosic techniques in modern times, and a deep passion that make him a stand out in the classical guitar world.”

Dimitris Kotronakis will be appearing at the AB Hall on Sunday, Feb. 25 at 7 p.m.  Admission: $10, $8 SAC members, $6 student/senior, $24 family

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On Valentine’s Day, Pete and I had the opportunity to attend The Quebe Sisters concert at a nearly-packed auditorium in Houston, Texas.

Pouring out Western swing, vintage country and Texas-style fiddle, they proved themselves worthy of the acclaim they have acquired at competitions throughout the country. Performing hits by many famous songwriters, the three sisters fiddled in sync, never missing a beat.

Their blend of vocals and harmony did not disappoint the 400-plus audience members assembled in the hall. Occasionally pausing during the performance to speak to the audience, sisters Grace, Sophia and Hulda were witty, charming and gracious.

They told stories of characters they have met and of doing a duet with Willie Nelson on a recording for the band Asleep at the Wheel. About halfway through the evening, Grace spoke of how life on the road can be tiresome at times and you find yourself wondering if it is all worthwhile and if you should continue.

And then she says, “you get that call from your agent saying they are booking you for Alaska, and how exciting is that? Yes, we are headed to Alaska in a couple weeks!”

My heart melted then and there, and I let out a loud “Whoop!”

Skagway is fortunate to be included in their first Alaskan tour.

Come show The Quebe Sisters that we are as excited to see them as they are to visit us!

See The Quebe Sisters performing at the Skagway School on Friday, March 2, at 7 p.m. Tickets are a lot cheaper in Skagway than in the lower 48. Admission: $10, $8 SAC members, $6 students/seniors, $24 family.