Jake Sager

The commitment to always get better is ingrained within this student’s character. As an athlete, as a scholar and (most importantly) as a person, his heroic pursuit is to be his very best. He practices hard and works it until he gets it.

He seeks help when he needs it and listens to both his mentors and his allies. What’s more, he lifts up others around him. He excels at having fun, and he doesn’t let fear of what other people might think stop him from being himself.

He takes care of business. He turns struggles into opportunities. He is a lighter of candles. The elementary Student of the Month for February and the character word of “attitude” is Jake Sager

Landon Rodig

This student sees the world through a glass that is always half full. He consistently looks at the bright side of a situation and finds strength in it. When faced with trying to analyze which of Newton’s Laws of Motion apply in real-life situations or when tackling complicated orders of operations math problems, his approach to the mind-boggling challenge is always with an enthusiastic attitude.

He’s a role model for having a growth mindset. Another highlight of his notable attitude is that he makes a point to treat all people like they truly matter. His considerate and kind attitude to classmates and friends shows every person is important.

Even if they missed an event, or they aren’t on the team, he takes the time to give that person a little explanation of the event and brings them in to enjoy the joke or hilarious moment that he is laughing with others about. Landon Rodig has an incredible attitude towards life and everyone can learn how to be a little kinder and a little more positive from him!

Mocha Lahrman

Today we would like to recognize a student that has consistently demonstrated a positive attitude throughout the year. She tackles all situations with a smile, even when it is demanding.

She perseveres through any challenge without letting anything wear her down.

She seeks feedback for all projects and is gracious with the response whether doing something for student council or taking pictures.

She remains positive and focused at all times. She was a huge contributor to the Climate Change Conference held earlier this school year and has put in many extra hours helping Drama, Debate and Forensics even though she is not part of the team.

Mocha Larhman is always cheerful and inspires and encourages everyone.