Frankie Kollasch (left) and Kara Whitehead (right). PHOTO BY VIVIAN MEYERS

Frankie Kollasch

This student demonstrates self-control in a multitude of ways. During daily lessons, she is always a respectful listener. Not only does she pay attention to her teachers, but she caringly listens to what her classmates share also. This young lady shows self-control as she moves around the classroom and around the school in general.

She is aware and respectful of other people’s personal space and takes great care as she plays games in the gym, on the playground, makes her way down the hall and during collaboration times in the classroom. She is a child who has learned to persevere through challenges due to her strength in self-control and determination.

Due to these character traits, she has developed an amazing growth mindset, which allows her to embrace difficult situations and work through them with a positive attitude.

She is a wonderful role model to students both younger and older with her self-discipline.

Kara Whitehead

Our secondary student of the month has developed the virtue of self control over the course of her high school career on and off the court.

This mature attitude and the ability to regulate her words and actions in stressful situations has led to a confident young lady who represents the school and community extremely well.

Because she constantly demonstrates self-control, this student has grown into a leader who consistently sets a great example for younger students. For the past four years, this young lady has been a leader in Student Council.

She is a National Honor Society member and was elected by Southeast Alaska Student Council members to be the Region 5 representative. Whether performing for Drama, Debate and Forensics, on the court or in the classroom, this student displays self-control. The secondary student of the month for March and the character trait of self-control is Kara Whitehead.