Members of the Skagway track team. PHOTOS BY KATE BAUER



The brief high school Track and Field season is already steaming towards its regional meet in Juneau on May 18, with the state competition only one week after on May 25, in Anchorage.

“Track season is going well, this is the largest track team we’ve had ever,” said coach Kent Fielding.

There are 15 students on the team this year, making it a larger force than 2017’s team by several runners.

“We still are a small team compared to other schools,” Fielding said. “Sitka is a school of 400, so we’ll see how things play out.”

This past week was probably the toughest period of training for the students of the season, according to Fielding.

“This is a monster week,” Fielding said on a May 7 interview, adding that students would start tapering down their practice to be fresh for the May 18 meet.

Wyatt Belisle (right) runs in a relay.

Typically Skagway does well in distance running events, but Fielding said two athletes have good chances at putting in winning runs in sprinting events.

The large team size this year is a great thing, according to Fielding, because it’s allowing students a wide range of events to participate in.

A first for this year, Skagway has hired a throwing coach: David Moncibaiz.

Moncibaiz has been working with four students in the discus and shot put, and said their practices focus on a lot of strength and conditioning training.

“They’ve been on a weightlifting program from day one, which consists of more compound movements,” Moncibaiz said. “Lot of full-body action, like deadlifts and Olympic-type lifts. So working a lot of legs, because it’s throwing and throwing comes from the legs.”

At the start of the season, Moncibaiz said throwers were pumping iron twice a week, and practice their throws on the other days.

Jessica Whitehead in Sitka.

“Every now and then we’ll get someone who wanders into the weight room while we’re lifting, and they’re just blown away with the amount of weight that these kids are actually doing and lifting, in a safe manner of course,” Moncibaiz said.

In addition to throwing, a number of the track team members are participating in jumping events.

Skagway has students performing the long, high and triple jumps, and jumping coach Kate Bauer said several have a good shot at taking their event to the state competition.

“Which is really exciting, I think we might have a lot of jumpers that are going to go to state,” Bauer said.

Earlier this year the School Board had approved getting a high jump mat for practice, something that’s helped students in that event a lot, Bauer said. Her goal for the students is to have them all hit a personal record at some point during the season.

“For this season, I just feel like I’m so surprised with how many high jumpers we have, and how good they’re doing for [the] first year,” Bauer said.

Jennifer Hansen (right) races at Sitka.

Track Results (Finals only)
Sitka Invitational

100 meters

1st • Gavin Goebel • 12.13

200 meters

1st • Gavin Goebel • 25.58

1600 meters

4th • Danny Brady • 5:02

9th • Wyatt Belisle • 5:26

18th • Micah Cook • 6:18

3200 meters

6th • Danny Brady • 11:11

8th • Wyatt Belisle • 11:51

4×400 relay

4th • Wyatt Belisle, Danny Brady, Tanner Hansen, Gavin Goebel • 4:22.06

Shot put 12 lb

17th • Dawson Clem • 14-09

Discus 1.6kg

15th • Dawson Clem • 53-04

High jump

2nd • Gavin Goebel • 5-02

Long jump

17th • Tanner Hansen • 12-05

Juneau Invitational

100 meters

4th • Gavin Goebel • 12.26

200 meters

3rd • Gavin Goebel • 25.12

800 meters

3rd • Danny Brady • 2:11.69

1600 meters

4th • Danny Brady • 5:51.38

12th • Wyatt Belisle • 5:17.54

32nd • Micah Cook • 6:16.77

4×400 relay

4th • Wyatt Belisle, Danny Brady, Silas Myers, Steaven McKnight • 4:06.11

4×800 relay

4th • Micah Cook, Wyatt Belisle, Silas Myers, Gavin Goebel • 10:30.61

Discus 1.6kg

27th • Dawson Clem • 54-05

High jump

5th • Gavin Goebel • 5-00

7th • Silas Myers • 5-00

Long jump

18th • Dawson Clem • 12-06.50

21st • Tanner Hansen • 9-02


Sitka Invitational

100 meters

2nd • Jennifer Hansen • 13.80

Shot put 4kg

13th • Kara Whitehead • 19-10

16th • Jessica Whitehead • 17-05

Discus 1kg

12th • Jessica Whitehead • 55-10

High jump

2nd • Jennifer Hansen • 4-00

Juneau Invitational

100 meters

1st • Jennifer Hansen • 13.70

200 meters

3rd • Jennifer Hansen • 29.37

400 meters

6th • Jennifer Hansen • 1:08.99

1600 meters

20th • Eliza Myers • 8:11.35

4×200 relay

3rd • Jessica Whitehead, Madison Cox, Mikah Lahrman, Kara Whitehead • 2:32.49

4×400 relay

5th • Madison Cox, Eliza Myers, Mikah Lahrman, Kara Whitehead • 5:51.64

Shot put 4kg

11th • Kara Whitehead • 21-02.25

20th • Mikah Lahrman • 19-00.50

23rd • Jessica Whitehead • 16-08.50

Discus 1kg

18th • Jessica Whitehead • 55-06

20th • Kara Whitehead • 53-02

24th • Mikah Lahrman • 50-05

High jump

1st • Jennifer Hansen • 4-02

7th • Madison Cox • 3-10

Triple jump

9th • Madison Cox • 26-00