The new safety fence on May 11. PHOTO BY DAN FOX

A large rock struck the safety fence above Railroad Dock Wednesday morning, but officials believe no one was injured as a result of the rockslide. Tyler Rose, Executive Director of Human Resources and Strategic Planning with the White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad, is waiting to hear back from the railroad’s geotech specialist before authorizing cruise ships to berth at the dock.

“We’ve run a drone up there to assess the situation of the slide area, compare photos and see where we are at,” Rose said. “We are looking toward repairs we can have and we’ll go from there.”

At roughly 5 a.m. the rock tumbled down and fumbled against the newly installed safety net, which was designed to mitigate damages and hazardous conditions. According to Rose, the net held the enormity of the rock but some rock smaller fragments fell outside of the fence line.

The net’s spring system, however, allowed the rock to bounce and brush against the water pipe along the dock. The pipeline was immediately shutdown following inspection and will be monitored closely in the next couple of days.

The plan for Thursday, May 24’s cruise ships is to move the Emerald Princess to the Ore Dock, the Disney Wonder to the Broadway Dock and the Noordam will stay on the Railroad Dock, but will tender until further notice.