Jenny Hansen takes 4th in a preliminary heat to be the only Skagway runner to make finals at state. PHOTO BY JEFF BRADY


Track & Field co-coach Kate Bauer said almost every Skagway athlete hit a personal record the Region 5 track meet, which was in Juneau from May 18-19.

“They did amazing at regionals, it was really exciting because a lot of the families flew down for it,” Bauer said, adding that she and coach Kent Fielding were “so impressed with how well they did this season.”

The track season wrapped up in the weeks following the end of school; after regionals, the state’s Division II Championships were held May 25-26.

“We had a really great team, and just [great] attitudes overall,” Bauer said of the 2018 season’s runners. “I really appreciated the juniors/seniors mentoring the freshmen, that helped a lot with the trips.”

In the jumping events, Bauer said the athletes showed a good deal of improvement throughout the short track season.

“The approach is really, really hard for a high jump, to get down correctly,” Bauer said. “And so that improved massively over the season.”

Jennifer Hansen takes off from her block. PHOTO BY JEFF BRADY

Danny Brady leads a trio of Southeast runners at the finish line of their 800-meter heat. PHOTOS BY JEFF BRADY

Technique and flexibility are also key to the high jump, and are two aspects Bauer said the jumpers will continue to work on next year.

“Maybe do some more yoga at the beginning of the season and see if that helps some of those boys,” Bauer said. “Really, Silas [Myers] and Gavin [Goebel], they can just jump high. They play basketball, so that helps them so much that their vertical jump is really good. We just need to work on their distance.”

Silas Myers and Goebel both participated in the long jump at regionals, and Bauer said the pair was close to making state in that event as well. Bauer said the track team plans to fundraise on the Fourth of July and in the winter for the purpose of building a long jump pit for the students to practice in.

“Because a lot of our upcoming kids jumped at the middle school meet, and then those boys [Silas Myers and Goebel] have a really good chance if they actually had practice time here,” Bauer said.

Until this year, the team didn’t have a high jump mat to use during practice, and Bauer has said getting that piece of equipment resulted in marked improvement for the students participating in the event.

The team’s regionals performance featured a number of strong wins by all the team members. Goebel took third place in the 100-meter dash, and first place in the 200.

Danny Brady placed second in the 800-meter event with a final time and season record of 2:10.98.

The 4×800 boys relay team – made of Wyatt Belisle, Silas Myers, Micah Cook and Tanner Hansen – got second with a time of 10:13. The girls 4×200 relay team took second as well. Runners Madison Cox, Mikah Lahrman, Jessica Whitehead and Eliza Myers clocked a final time of 2:22.24 in that event. Cox took seventh in the triple jump with a season record of 26-01.50, and Jennifer Hansen took second in the high jump, second in the 200-meter dash and third in the 100-meter dash. Kara Whitehead PR’d with Skagway’s top shot put throw of the competition, at a distance of 24-07. Steaven McKnight put in a personal record of 15-10 in the long jump.

This was the first year that the team had a throwing coach. David Moncibaiz, who spent the season drilling his throwers on technique and training them in the school’s weight room, said the students had good scores, and did well to beat their personal bests. Lahrman, Jessica Whitehead and Kara Whitehead all PRd in discus at regionals, and the Whitehead sisters both hit personal records in the shot put.

“They saw really, really good numbers compared to throwing at the beginning of the season,” Moncibaiz said.

“I think they worked really hard, it was a challenging year.”

Following the state competition, Jennifer Hansen represented Skagway in the Brian Young Invitational in Kodiak, Alaska, on June 2 and June 3.

She ran in the 100- and 200-meter dashes, and also in the 4×100 and 4×200 relays.

Jennifer Hansen said her relay team, which was made up of girls from around the state, got second place in the 4×100, and third place in the 4×200; her relay team beat the Sitka girls’ state 4×100 time.

“They have some really fast runners in Sitka,” Jennifer Hansen said. She said she’d never run in a relay before, and said she enjoyed learning how to do handoffs and how to run in that event.

“I was traveling with a bunch of people from our region, and it was cool to get to talk to and meet all those people that I see every single track meet,” Jennifer Hansen said.

Silas Myers at the peak of his takeoff in the long jump. PHOTO BY JEFF BRADY


Boys – Juneau Region 5 meet

100 meters

3rd • Gavin Goebel • 12.09

200 meters

1st • Gavin Goebel • 24.75

8th • Tanner Hansen • 27.52

800 meters

2nd • Danny Brady • 2:10.98

1600 meters

4th • Danny Brady • 4:49.80

7th • Wyatt Belisle • 5:07.97

9th • Micah Cook • 6:08.18

3200 meters

4th • Danny Brady • 10:31.65

4×200 relay

4th • Tanner Hansen, Wyatt Belisle, Micah Cook, Steaven McKnight • 1:59.96

4×400 relay

5th • Wyatt Belisle, Danny Brady, Steaven McKnight, Silas Myers • 4:02.09

4×800 relay

2nd • Wyatt Belisle, Silas Myers, Micah Cook, Tanner Hansen • 10:13.00

High jump

4th • Gavin Goebel • 5-04

6th • Silas Myers • 5-02

Long jump

4th • Silas Myers • 17-03.75

6th • Gavin Goebel • 16-11.00

10th • Steaven McKnight • 15-10.00

Division 2 Championships

3200 meters

15th • Danny Brady • 11:08.82

High jump

8th • Gavin Goebel • 5-04.00

Long jump

12th • Silas Myers • 15-10.00

Girls – Juneau Region 5 meet

100 meters

3rd • Jennifer Hansen • 13.43

200 meters

2nd • Jennifer Hansen • 27.84

400 meters

4th • Jennifer Hansen • 1:06.57

4×200 relay

3rd • Madison Cox, Mikah Lahrman, Jessica Whitehead, Eliza Myers • 2:22.24

Shot put 4kg

6th • Kara Whitehead • 24-07.00

10th • Jessica Whitehead • 20-02.00

12th • Mikah Lahrman • 18-00.75

Discus 1kg

7th • Kara Whitehead • 70-09

9th • Mikah Lahrman • 60-04

10th • Jessica Whitehead • 59-11

High jump

2nd • Jennifer Hansen • 4-04.00

Long jump

10th • Eliza Myers • 12-08.00

Triple Jump

7th • Madison Cox • 26-01.50

Division 2 Championships

200 meters

8th • Jennifer Hansen • 28.33

High jump

8th • Jennifer Hansen• 4-04.00