September 28th  

A lost wallet was reported.

An officer assisted with a vehicle accident report.

A lost bank card was reported.


September 29th

An officer was advised of an animal noise complaint. The officer stated he was aware of the noise, but suspected it was coming from east of the railroad tracks.

An officer performed a paper service.

An individual retrieved lost property that had been with SPD since June.


September 30th

An officer assisted with a courtesy ride.

Dispatch assisted an individual with contacting the On-Duty Provider.

A cell phone found by an officer was reunited with its owner.


October 1st

Lost merchandise was reported to SPD.

Fire Department personnel responded to an automated fire alarm at a local business. It was found to have been caused by technicians working on the system.


October 3rd

Dispatch assisted an individual with collecting information about property previously registered with SPD.

Dispatch answered questions regarding the Presidential Emergency Message System.

Lost identification documents were reported to dispatch.


October 4th

Loose dogs were reported to Dispatch. The reporting party assisted with returning the animals to their owner.

A wallet was reported lost and then later found by its owner.


October 5th

An officer responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle.

A loose dog was reported by its owner.


October 6th

Fire Department personnel responded to an automated fire alarm. It was found to have been a false alarm.

A suspicious individual was reported on private property. Officers were advised of the report.


October 7th

An officer was flagged down regarding a bear sighting near the Dyea Road.


October 8th

SPD assisted a local resident with the disposal of biohazardous materials.

A vehicle work light was reported missing.

Officers responded to reports of open doors at a local business.


October 9th

A theft was reported by a local resident.

Fire Department personnel advised of a report of possible floating debris near the Ore Dock. The responding individual reported seeing buoys in the area upon arrival.

EMS personnel responded to a medical emergency, however service was decline as opposed to self-transportation to the clinic.

EMS personnel assisted with a scheduled medevac.