January 26th

Dispatch received a report of a lost dog. Dog and owner were later reunited.

January 27th

A report of a lost cell phone was received.

Anthony Alexander Ryan, 24, Skagway was arrested for Assault in the 4th Degree, Resisting

Arrest, and Attempted Vehicle Theft

January 28th

Dispatch assisted an individual with a broken down vehicle contact a friend for assistance.

January 29th

Police responded to a report of an open door at a downtown business.

January 31st

A complaint of icy patches on the Dyea Road was received. DOT was notified.

A complaint was received regarding possible scam phone calls originating from Publisher’s

Clearing House. The caller was directed to file a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office.

February 1st

A report of a lost cell phone was received.

Fire personnel responded to a chimney fire for a residence on the Dyea Road.

February 2nd

Fire personnel responded to an automated sprinkler alarm on the Klondike Highway.