February 22nd

There was an avalanche at Mile 14.3 on the Klondike Highway. After DOT cleared the roadway, the highway re-opened at 11:00.

Fire personnel responded to a Fire alarm at a local Broadway St. business.

February 23rd

Fire personnel responded to a Carbon Monoxide detector call.

February 24th 

EMS personnel assisted with a scheduled medevac from the clinic.

February 26th

A report was received of two loose dogs on the highway. With the help of Paws and Claws, their owner was notified and reunited with the animals.

Fire personnel responded to a Fire alarm at a local Park Service building.

February 27th

Police assisted in the transfer of a stranded visitor from the border to the ferry terminal.

March 1st

Police assisted in guiding a dog out of the Public Safety building, as the dog was afraid of stepping on shiny floors.

March 2nd

Police responded to a Lock out at the Harbor. The owner was able to gain entry before Police arrived on scene.

Police responded to a motion sensor alarm at a local Broadway St. business. The building was found to be secure, a four-leaf clover decoration was the suspected culprit.

March 4th

While on patrol, an officer discovered an audible alarm at a Broadway St. business.

Report received of an attempted burglary on a local residence while the owners were out of town.

March 7th

Police assisted in transferring an individual from Skagway to Fraser.

March 8th

Police received a report of fuel theft from a State St residence.

March 9th

Dispatch assisted a resident get in contact with the On Duty Provider.

March 11th

Police responded to a report of a burglary alarm at a downtown business. Upon arrival no alarm could be heard and everything appeared secure.

A report of muddy road conditions on the Dyea Road was passed on to DOT personnel.

Police assisted with unlocking a vehicle for a couple visiting from Whitehorse.