Andrew Cremata won the March 19 mayoral special election after the counting of the absentee ballots

The final tally of votes showed Cremata getting 238 votes and Dave Hunz getting 216 votes.

“I want to thank everyone in town who supported the campaign and offered input on the issues they cared about in the community. I’m going to do my best to not let anyone down,” Cremata said. “I want to extend my gratitude to Dave Hunz for stepping up and running and for his many years of service to the community,”

The borough assembly still needs to certify the votes at tonight’s meeting. If everything is certified, Cremata will take office on Monday, March 25.

Over 400 people came out in person to vote in the election and 56 absentee ballots were received before the deadline. All absentee ballots had to be received by 4 p.m. on Thursday, March 21.

The need for the special election came from the death of former mayor Monica Carlson in December of 2018, after she and her mother were struck by a bus in Washington D.C.

With 454 votes counted, this marks the highest turn out for voters for a special election, since the Aug. 2011 special election, which saw 476 voters cast their ballot on a referendum for second hand smoke control.