Leigh Armstrong

In an April 9 hiring committee meeting, Assemblymembers Dave Brena, Steve Burnham and Dan Henry narrowed down to five the potential candidates for borough manager:

• Rick Hohnbaum, city administrator in Monroe, Oregon, population about 600, with a master’s in public administration from Portland State University.

• Terry Eubank, finance director for city of Kenai, with a bachelor’s in business administration from the University of Alaska Anchorage.

• Zoya Johnson, chief executive officer and chief financial officer of Prime Alaska Seafoods in Unalaska, with a master’s in business administration from Ashford University.

• Joseph Jacobson, a senior consultant with the McDowell Group in Juneau, with a master’s in international relations from City University of New York.

• Kenneth Weaver, a consultant and former city manager of Saint Paul, Alaska, with a Ph.D. in leadership from the University of Nebraska.

All five candidates will move on to the next step, which will include a background check and a Skype interview with the assembly and mayor. 

The assembly is pushing to move along the hiring process. In this winter’s attempt to hire a borough manager, former Alaska state Rep. Sam Kito III of Juneau was selected but declined the position. Among the reasons he cited for declining the job was the length of the hiring process.

Currently, Tom Healy, a retired city manager for Skagway, Haines and Palmer, is acting as interim borough manager under a short-term contract that ends in May. Before that, city clerk Emily Deach and borough treasurer Heather Rodig shared the responsibility of borough manager.

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The assembly voted in favor of updating the Integra appraisal 5-1, with Hanson against.