By Leigh Armstrong

Petro Marine has amended its oil discharge prevention and contingency plan with the state in case someday it wants to use a larger vessel for fuel deliveries to Skagway and other Alaska ports.

“The purpose of this particular plan, beyond ensuring the plan holder is prepared to respond to a spill, is to act as a placeholder” if Petro Marine wants to use a larger vessel, said David Pikul, Southeast regional supervisor for the prevention, preparedness and response team at the state Department of Environmental Conservation. 

The plan, which Petro Marine amended to add increased areas of operation, including Seward in Cook Inlet, goes to the state and U.S. Coast Guard every five years, said Tim Cochran, plant manager at Petro Marine in Skagway. 

Having the plan in place allows Petro Marine to expand later on, but does not require it. 

The company’s most recent spill response plan is based on fuel delivery vessels of up to 120,000 barrels. This spring’s application covers a response plan for vessels up to 220,000 barrels.

Public comment on the updated prevention and response plan closed May 19.