By Leigh Armstrong 

While the assembly will consider the 17 applicants for the job of borough manager, the members also need to find another interim manager to fill in until a permanent replacement is hired.

Tom Healy, who came out of retirement in Palmer to serve as Skagway’s interim borough manager in March, will leave the job the first week of June.

Healy originally planned to end his contract with the municipality on May 31, but offered to stay one more week. 

“Thanks Tom, again, for all of your hard work,” Mayor Andrew Cremata said at the May 16 assembly meeting. 

Healy said he has commitments in Palmer beginning in early June, though he would be able to see the assembly through one more meeting on June 6. 

The next steps in the borough manager process will have applicants narrowed down to the top candidates, who will have a background check and a phone or video interview. The top candidates after that will be brought into Skagway for an in-person interview.

As the borough is not likely to decide on a new permanent manager between the May 17 close of applications and Healy’s departure, Skagway will need to find another interim manager, Cremata said.

The mayor directed municipal staff to look at options for an interim manager and present them to members of the manager hiring committee. 

Borough clerk Emily Deach and treasurer Heather Rodig worked in tandem as interim borough manager before Healy was brought to town. Both Deach and Rodig declined to return to the job as interim manager, preferring to focus on the work of their full-time jobs, Cremata said. 

The borough had hoped to finish the hiring process for a new manager before Healy’s contract ended, but the assembly reopened the application process in April after not receiving as many quality applicants as they had wanted. 

Skagway has not had a permanent borough manager since summer 2018, when Scott Hahn left for a position in Rifle, Colorado.

The next step will be for the borough manager hiring committee to winnow down the applicants to the top five, Healy said.

While Healy is heading back to Palmer, he said he’ll be available if Skagway requires his assistance.

“I’ll be at the end of a phone line if anyone needs me,” Healy said.