By Leigh Armstrong 

The borough assembly voted June 20 to end its support for building a dedicated senior center, instead moving its efforts toward a general community center. 

Assemblymember Dave Brena said he had spoken to members of the senior community who supported dropping the plan in favor of an overall community center.

Discussions for the community center are early, but current plans would have the center move into an building in town in a central location to residences and shopping rather than constructing a new building. 

Brena said the civic affairs committee recommended that the municipality look at using the old city hall on 5th Avenue as a community center and anticipates that the committee will  come forward with a plan. 

Mavis Henrickson, a senior citizen in Skagway, spoke to the assembly June 20 to offer her support, but also mentioned that the old city hall might have structural issues that may cause problems and that assembly should be cautious on choosing a building. Henrickson recommended the old fire house on State Street could be a suitable option. 

In the original plan for the senior center, there was going to be housing attached to the building. There are no plans to include housing in the community center but it would still include a commercial-level kitchen to serve food, something that the Big Dippers senior center can’t do.