By Leigh Armstrong

The borough assembly on Aug. 1 unanimously approved a resolution to allow for free animal waste disposal at the incinerator. 

The free drop-off is for residential use only and includes animal waste, litter and bedding. 

“If they want to self-haul it up to the incinerator, we’ll take care of it,” Assemblymember Steve Burnham said. “There can’t be that much residential animal waste that it’s going to tip the scale and make it too expensive for the city.” 

The free drop-off is an incentive for residents to properly dispose of the waste. There is no end date to the free service.

“We really don’t want waste going into the composter,” Assemblymember Orion Hanson said.

Since the composter is free, people have tried to slip animal waste into that area for disposal, which is not an appropriate method of disposal as the pet waste contains bacteria, viruses and nutrients that are pollutants. 

Mayor Andrew Cremata relayed a story at the end of the assembly meeting about finding a box on the frozen Skagway River one winter and working with another resident using a fishing pole to retrieve it from the ice. After he pulled up the box, he found it contained cat litter. 

“It’s really good we have a plan for cat litter other than shoving it in a box and throwing it in the icy Skagway River,” Cremata said.