By Leigh Armstrong

Early results for Skagway’s recreation survey show that responders are split on the idea of adding a floating dock at Lower Lake for kayak rentals. As of the Sept. 23 tally, 52 percent of the survey takers support a floating dock. 

The online survey closes Sept. 30.

Lead groundskeeper Gregg Kollasch said the dock would allow easier access for kayakers to put in on Lower Lake, whether their own or a rental kayak from the recreation center. 

“There would be rules in place to make sure people return them and lock them up. Commercial activity is still prohibited on our trail systems,” Kollasch said. 

Early responses to the survey are running 97 percent in support of more trails in town. Kollasch said the trail teams are exploring new trails in West Creek and Nahku Bay, along with a plan to start building the trail to Lost Lake next summer. Trails from the Gold Rush Cemetery to the Denver Glacier and a trail connecting Skagway to Dyea have been suggested by residents. 

The survey also asked residents what they would like to see done with the aging paracourse exercise equipment on the Yakutania Point trail. Responders were split between removing the equipment, replacing it, or replacing it with a separate outdoor exercise area.

Beyond the trail system, the survey shows 80 percent support for a pool for rehab, seniors and teaching people to swim. A pool has been discussed for future expansion of the recreation center.

The survey will close at the end of September. To find the survey online, visit