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Election Preview

Primaries for state office are approaching on Aug. 21. We reached out with questions to candidates running in the races for House of Representatives District 33 – the former seat of Rep. Sam Kito III – and to Senate District Q and the seat held by Dennis Egan, who is also choosing not to run again.

Feds nix Juneau Access while state moves for full ferry float replacement

After many back-and-forths between the state and the Municipality of Skagway regarding the Alaska Marine Highway System ferry float, amendments for the 2018-2021 State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) have changed the project from a planned refurbishment to a full replacement.

Legislature allows distilleries to serve cocktails

The alcohol distillery industry in Alaska has been consumed of late by a series of lengthy regulatory measures, particularly since August of 2017 where the Advisory Marijuana and Control Office (AMCO) released an advisory that prohibited the making of cocktails with off-site ingredients at distilleries.

Legislature pushes resolution supporting use of mammoth ivory

A joint resolution by the Alaska House of Representatives and Senate advocating for the exemption of legally-acquired ivory from laws in the lower 48 that ban the sale, use and possession of ivory has been approved and is heading to the governor’s desk.