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Heard on the Wind

Royal rhubarb A woman pointed at the large rhubarb plant at Fifth and Broadway and exclaimed, “Look at that giant Alaskan squash bush!” More bookstore block briefs A little boy who was walking on Broadway stopped suddenly and...

Heard on the Wind

Wind is fairly light to start the season, so let’s hope it picks up. Remember, drop your lofty wind scribblings off at the bookstore or email it directly to the windy one at

The Windy One puts out the call for stories

A little leftover wind from last season to start us off: this was found in the deep dark corners of the bookstore this winter, down among the candy wrappers, dust bunnies and Christmas tree needles….

Heard on the Wind: Sept. 9, 2016

Plumbing realities So… do you have running water?” a customer asked in a crowded Broadway gift shop. “You’re kidding, right?” the owner replied. “Well, I watch reality TV shows on Alaska.” All others present were somewhat...