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Guest Commentary

Opioid and other drug addictions are a sad reality for some of our Skagway residents.

Hi Skagway, it’s me, Suzanne Ashe

BY SUZANNE ASHE REPORTER All children have heroes. Sometimes those heroes live on space stations, other heroes put out fires or play ball. My heroes brought down a United States President. As a child, my heroes were Bob Woodward...

GUEST COMMENTARY: Accurate Information on the Tidelands Lease

BY DAN HENRY The Gateway Project is a subject that has been discussed by White Pass Railroad (WPYR) and the Municipality of Skagway (MOS) for quite some time now. We, as the MOS, approached WPYR about being granted access to the...

Letter from the Editor

To both our long-standing and newly acquired readers, I welcome you to the newest edition of The Skagway News. Change can be scary, I know – especially in a small town where your local paper has had the same look and feel...