Author: Elise Giordano

No protest of marijuana remedy shoppe license

  Borough assembly members did not protest a remedy shoppe marijuana license application filed by Tara Bass. The assembly is allowed 60 days to protest, but as both Bass and the remedy shoppe are up to date on all taxes, fees and assessments, assembly members saw no need to protest. Assemblyman Spencer Morgan said he imagines Bass has completed the process in the proper way, as loss of a license would be expensive. “I have no doubt that they will take the higher road,” Morgan said. “No pun...

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Proposed funding options for Senior Center project funding

BY JULIANNE STANFORD  The assembly discussed various proposed funding options suggest by the borough Finance Committee during a meeting on Aug. 2 as a way to pay for the construction of a senior center in Skagway. Finance Committee Chair Assemblyman Dan Henry suggested that the project could be funded through an increase in the mill rate, or the figure that represents the amount per $1,000 of the assessed value for a property that is used to determine property taxes. “If in fact the community is behind the senior center as a project to move forward, one option that we are looking to have in place ahead of time is a reflection of what the mill rate would have to be raised in the districts, as you see, in the different service areas, which the represents the amount of revenue needed for retiring a thirty year bond for the project,” Henry said. If the mill rate were to be increased, Henry said local property owners would not feel an immediate impact from that change. “[It] will not be something that would go in place regardless until June 30 of 2017, because then it would be fiscal year 18’s budget,” Henry said. “So the property tax bill that everybody would receive wouldn’t be until the next cycle, if in fact that is the choice that the assembly wishes to implement to...

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Answers wanted about ferry float project

Assembly members agreed to send a letter written by Marine Highway Ad Hoc committee chair Jan Wrentmore to Gov. Bill Walker inquiring as to the status of the ferry float refurbishment project. Construction on the float could mean a lack of ferry service for Skagway during the winter months. To alleviate the stress of fewer runs, Wrentmore and assembly members discussed alternatives. If the project were delayed to next winter, the Alaska Marine Highway could possibly utilize the M/V Kennicott. But the Kennicott is expensive and not a preferred vessel. While an RFP has yet to be advertised, the job has been announced. Lobbyist John Walsh said the fact that the project is being advertised indicates that the state is getting ready to put the project into play. “We would request that they let us know, they talk about their plans with us before they go out to that bid because we don’t want it to pop up on the procurement page, and we have no idea what they’re proposing,” Wrentmore said. Walsh said now might be a good time for the assembly to raise its hand and ask their questions. The assembly unanimously agreed to send Wrentmore’s letter and ask for a status update, as well as thoughts on postponing the project. Update: Skagway Borough Assembly is requesting resident feedback regarding the best time of year for a...

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Municipality weighs bids received for the construction of water well No. 4

BY JULIANNE STANFORD The assembly has decided on a construction firm to build Water Well Number 4 shortly after approving the use of Commercial Passeneger Vessel excise tax funds for debt repayments of the project at the meeting on July 21. Borough Manager Scott Hahn said the municipality received three bids for the project for the amounts of $537,000 from Anchorage-based Far West Ventures Inc., $573,000 from local firm NorthPoint Construction, Inc. and $688,000 from Juneau-based Dawson Construction. Once the assembly had approved the method of payment for the water well, the municipality wanted to begin receiving bids for the project and then choose the lowest bidder to get the project under way. However, the lowest bid from Far West Ventures, Inc. seemed off to Hahn upon closer inspection. “Staff started looking over the bid from Dawson Construction, and it just looked kind of strange. It didn’t seem to add up, and so we had a lot of questions,” Hahn said. The municipality asked engineering firm contractor Carson Dorn to look over the bid and vet the aspects that gave Hahn pause. “They kind of confirmed our concerns. They found several problems with the bid that could be determined as unresponsive,” Hahn said. The bid had a vast array of issues, according to Hahn, including that the construction firm was not licensed at the time of bid submission to...

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HOW: August 12, 2016

  One Skagwegian over heard a visitor in town inquire as they strolled up and down the Broadway boardwalk: “How many jewelry stores can one town have?” A hungry vistor couldn’t believe their eyes: “Is that a real Safeway over there?” One morning a reporter of this fine sheet was walking down Broadway with a cup of proudly served Starbucks coffee in hand. A visitor rushed up to her, grabbed her arm and exclaimed: “Thank God there’s a Starbucks in this town!” After making their way more than 15 miles up the Chilkoot Trail, one hiker was dismayed to find that the experience wasn’t quite what they thought it would be: “I was expecting to see real stairs on the Golden Staircase.” We know the season is coming to a close, but let’s keep that wind coming.  We’ll repeat our pep talk from last week, “We Want Wind! We Want Wind!”  Get yourselves on over to the bookstore, deposit said wind, and we will add you to our list for a drawing for a free copy of Best of the Skagway Police Blotter Vol. 2 , also featuring Heard on the...

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Klothes Rush