Author: Julianne Stanford

Pool committee considers separating the rec center’s expansion and pool addition into two projects

Members of the Pool Ad Hoc Committee considered separating the Skagway Rec Center’s expansion and the pool addition into two separate, but coinciding projects at a meeting on Monday, May 23. “We do need to split this project up,” said assemblyman Spencer Morgan, the chairman of the committee. “It’s probably the best way to approach it because I have a hard time seeing a mass amount of support for a $15 million facility.” The recreation center’s expansion is included in that hefty price tag in addition to the two proposed pools, which is much needed according to SRC Director Katherine Nelson. The committee recommends both a teaching and exercise pool, as well as a larger lap and recreation pool. “We’re just getting busier and busier,” Nelson said. “The basketball court is packed on Tuesday and Thursday nights, there’s 12 people over there climbing [on the rock wall], the weight room is full, when the group fitness room isn’t being used it’s just being used for space with weights or stretching. It’s really congested.” Regardless of what decision is made, Nelson said something has to change. “Anything is better than what it is now,” she said. The committee will be reviewing the costs for the individual projects before making any further...

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Yukon Parks opens new campground at Conrad

Yukon Parks has opened its first new campground in 30 years as a part of the territorial government’s effort to increase access to activities and tourism in the region for outdoor enthusiasts. Over the past two years, the Government of Yukon has invested $1.5 million CAD in developing the region, including the building of the new Conrad Campground. The 35-site campground is about 10 miles south of Carcross on a 110-acre park reserve right on the shore of Tagish Lake’s Windy Arm. Campsites cost $12 per night and are available on a first-come first-served basis. There are currently 27...

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