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The Great Land Awaits

KLONDIKE GOLD COMES OUT THIS WAY Skaguay’s Bank and Hotel Safes Stuffed with Golden Dust and Yellow Nuggets This Route Beats Them All! Only Ten Days via Bennett from Dawson City to Seattle, versus Twenty-Six Days, Barring Accident, from St. Michaels. HIP, HIP, HURRAH!!! Gee whiz!!!!!!! A goodly part of this season’s output of gold from the Klondike will undoubtedly come out this way! About a quarter of a million of it came out this way yesterday, and this was merely by way of experiment. The men who carried the precious metal started from Dawson by steamboat, but whether they would be able to navigate in these steamers as far as the White Horse rapids, and then to make connections with other steamers to take Bennett, was a question that even the steamboat operators were unable to guarantee. But the experiment proved a success, and last night there was more excitement over the arrival of some forty Klondikers with good news from the interior, and with bags of nuggets and dust to prove it, than could be expected even on a railroad payday. On June 24 and 28 two upper Yukon riverboats started from Dawson, or rather some mile or so above Dawson, as the river bank of that famous Mecca was so thickly studded with all sorts of crafts that a steamboat was unable to put in. These steamboats...

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