Purely Mexican fare has come to Skagway, complete with white-capped margaritas and made-to-order, freshly fried chips.
Lacey Stoutt, owner of Glacial Smoothies, opened Pescaritos because she wanted to sell fish tacos and burritos, and the rest just happened.
The restaurant offers a variety of beer, including the Alaskans, a Mexican line called Day of the Dead, as well as the traditional Mexican beers like Corona, Dos Equis and Tecate.
Also offered is an agave wine margarita, which can be also be served white-capped, submerged with an Alaskan White or beer of your choosing.
Offering outdoor and solarium seating, the restaurant not only features tacos and burritos, but also nachos, enchiladas, salads and sopapilla, a fried Mexican dessert topped with vanilla ice cream.
Though they have yet to list any specials, Stoutt said nightly specials are in the works, and currently offers many to-go options.
“We haven’t opened the window on [Congress Way] yet because they are herding people down the harbor walk,” she said, but added that they plan to do to-go pickups from the window in time.
“It’s bright, cheerful and fun,” she said. “But most importantly, it’s affordable and fast.”