The third reading of the Fiscal Year 2016 budget passed during a Borough Assembly meeting on June 4.
The final operating budget was adopted at $7,408,698. Mill rates remain unchanged from last year, with Service Area I having a mill rate of 7, Service Area II a rate of 5.78.
During a work session on May 14, assembly members agreed to remove $10,000 for the Fine Arts, but after hearing much support for the arts on June 4, the funds were given to the Convention and Visitors Bureau toward Dedman Stage management.
Assemblyman Gary Hanson suggested that a member of the Arts Council become a member of the CVB board in order to help organize upcoming events.
At Assemblyman Spencer Morgan’s suggestion, $1,500 was added in for the Skagway Little League, as it is twice the size as in years past.
The Skagway Youth Wrestling Club saw a deduction of $5,000, bringing the total funding down to $20,000.
Assemblyman Steve Burnham Jr. said the children should be able to fundraise for the remaining $5,000 if they need it.
“When I was in Little League, I mowed a lawn so I could buy a mitt,” Assemblyman Tim Cochran said. “The city didn’t buy that. It teaches kids responsibility and value.”
Only Morgan voted against the wrestling program reduction amendment.
Hanson suggested that $85,000 be added in for Rapuzzi house repairs, as well as $25,000 for a commissary structural report, but the motion failed, with only Henry and Cochran voting in favor.
Borough Manager Scott Hahn said he would like to approach the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park and see if they would like to take over responsibility of the house.
“This project is probably going to get a lot bigger than we believe. It’s going to be a million dollar project,” he said. “If you want to start putting that kind of money into this, that’s something we can seriously talk about, but that’s a bigger discussion.”