• A carver overheard this from a customer: “If you keep buying that mammoth ivory, they’ll keep killing them.”

• A clothing store clerk asked two ladies: “So, where are you from?”
“Rhode Island,” one answered. “Have you heard of it?” said the other.
And then, from the same woman: “Do women here really wear these kind of clothes (pointing to the nice clothes in the store)? All we’ve seen are boots and Carhartts.”

• On a hike through the Denver Glacier valley, a client asked a guide, “Why do you have a miniature fire extinguisher”
“No sir, that is my bear spray.”

• On another tour, it was the guide who was off base. He said almost two million people died on the Chilkoot Trail, and hundreds perished in Fiver Finger Rapids on the Yukon River (hint – hit the library or local bookstore for history and math lessons).

• At a jazz show, a man at the bar turned and asked a local, “Do they do this all the time around here?”
“Nope, it’s just your lucky day.”

• A tourist was walking by Pullen Pond and asked a local resident, “So…Is this the fish swimming pool?”

• And finally, we have a pair of folks who can’t grasp the fact that history can mix with modern technology in a gold rush town:
“I hear they have a library here with power.”
“Notice how this train is old-fashioned, but look in the office and they have computers everywhere.”

Wo, it’s mid-August already and the leaves are starting to fall. An early autumn is upon us.  Is it me, or is the wind getting stronger as well?  Could we have snow with some wind at the bitter end? And what kind of wind will it be? These and other questions keep the windy one up nights. This month’s drawing winner is Bob Caposey. Come on down for your free copy of  Atlin Blue and Miss Scarlet  from Skaguay News Depot & Books. We’ll have one more drawing in September, so keep the wind blowing in the right direction.