The Trash Talkers didn’t place during the state competition in Anchorage earlier this month, but they kept spirits high and saw growth in each team member.

Coach Heather Rodig said the team performed exceptionally well in their core values judging session and learned how to communicate effectively in front of the panel.

Robot Opie Dopie misbehaved once again, worse than in Juneau, but the team still received a 265, the highest competition score all year.  But in the end, the scores and core and project judging weren’t high enough, and the Trash Talkers did not take home any awards.

“They all kept their spirits high,” Rodig said. “They didn’t seem phased by not getting an award.”

As a team, they have matured and walked away with personal growth, each one understanding how to work together and involve everyone’s ideas.

For the competition, the team had been attempting a composting program for Skagway School, and it’s still a work in progress. Rodig said the idea posed a few more difficulties than expected, but she and the class plan to sit down and talk about what they are willing to do to make it happen.

For a rebuilding year, she said that they did so well in Juneau (winning best robot design) and were able to see a larger competition in Anchorage, so overall it was successful, and she expects more to join the team next year.

“The growth that the kids each had alone was a success. The award in Juneau was just a bonus,” she said.