Do you regret giving away your old salt and pepper shakers? Do you miss that old couch you left on the curb? Well you just might find it at Formerly Yours?, Skagway’s only thrift shop.

Located at the end of State Street, the store is owned by Kimmy Mathews and offers a feast for collectors and visionaries. Moss green benches from Moe’s Frontier Bar wait patiently for the right buyer. Mermaid memorabilia from the late Stowaway Café nestle in random nooks and crannies. It’s a Skagway lover’s dream.

Long said she has always loved thrifting and wanted to bring that love to the community.

“It’s a love of re-bringing life to things. I hate to see stuff go that somebody can love,” she said.

Many of Mathews’ treasures have been collected from alleys, sidewalks and drop offs. She has pieces of the Golden North Bar, risers from Moe’s, Raggedy Ann dolls, glass wear and more.

She said the store isn’t quite ready, but she is still open for businesses Tuesday through Saturday from noon to 5 p.m.

She will happily accept your unwanted goods, and make what was formerly yours into someone’s treasure.