Debra Khaaldakeit Dennis Carltikoff
Double Eagle Kaigani Haida
Lukaaxh.ádi Tlingit

May 9, 1954 – July 9, 2016
Shgagwéi – Lkóot Kwáan

In Loving Memory:

Áwé haa tláa haa nákh woo.aat, aasgutuyíkde. Tlaxh wáa sá tusixhán, ch’u uwayáa dísde kha khuxhdé uwaháa haa saxháni du káxh. Hél haa xhoox’ áwé hú yeedát, khu.aa ch’a tlákw áwé du jigheix’ yéi haa nateech.

Debra Khaaldakeit Dennis Carltikoff walked into the forest after a long and courageous battle with illness. She was the mother to many, and her home was an open, welcoming place. In her final days she was laughing and in good spirits, showing us how to live life to the fullest and how to love with everything you have, to the moon and back.

Debra was born to Gooshdehéen Silas and L Duwaxhsée Dorothy Dennis, and was raised near her grandparents Aankadaxhtseen Bert Dennis and K̲aashtull’íx’ Marion Dennis. She joins them, her older sister Marion Madden, and her brothers Allen & Bert in Daghankhú, the afterlife. She is survived by her auntie Kathy Dennis, siblings Silas Dennis, Patti Dennis, Leslie Snure, and Sharon Dennis, sons Timothy “Sonny” Wayne Twitchell, Xh’unei Lance Arron Twitchell, Corbin James Carltikoff, and Cody Bertram Allen Dennis, daughters Lindsay Blair Jackson, Sarah Brittany Carltikoff, and Chelsey Rose Yvonne Carltikoff, seventeen grandchildren, and countless adopted children.

Her uncle Fenton Dennis used to call Debra his little petunia. She brought such tremendous joy to our lives, and shared an unconditional love with all of us. We carry that love on to all that we know, and live brighter lives in her name.