In the last issue of the newspaper, published on July 29, The Skagway News incorrectly reported the cost of Juneau’s bronze whale statue that is soon to be installed in the bay and its relation to a lawsuit against the city for misusing CPV funds.

The fabrication and construction of the statue will cost an estimated $2.8 million dollars, which is funded by privately raised donations. The pedestal of which the whale statue will sit upon and the necessary plumbing for the surrounding infinity pool will cost $650,000, which to be sourced from sales taxes.

The park and seawalk surrounding the statue will cost approximately $10 million dollars, which is to be funded by Juneau’s share of the Commercial Passenger Vessel Excise Taxrevenues.

The usage of CPV funds for this component project was the source of the Cruise Lines International Associations’ lawsuit against the city of Juneau for misusing the CPV tax revenues,not the whale statue itself.

While the legislative audit of Southeastern Alaskan communities’ uses of their shares of CPV funds coincided with the lawsuit against the city of Juneau for misusing CPV funds, the two were separate and unrelated events.

We regret the errors.