One Skagwegian over heard a visitor in town inquire as they strolled up and down the Broadway boardwalk: “How many jewelry stores can one town have?”

A hungry vistor couldn’t believe their eyes: “Is that a real Safeway over there?”

One morning a reporter of this fine sheet was walking down Broadway with a cup of proudly served Starbucks coffee in hand. A visitor rushed up to her, grabbed her arm and exclaimed: “Thank God there’s a Starbucks in this town!”

After making their way more than 15 miles up the Chilkoot Trail, one hiker was dismayed to find that the experience wasn’t quite what they thought it would be: “I was expecting to see real stairs on the Golden Staircase.”

We know the season is coming to a close, but let’s keep that wind coming.  We’ll repeat our pep talk from last week, “We Want Wind! We Want Wind!”  Get yourselves on over to the bookstore, deposit said wind, and we will add you to our list for a drawing for a free copy of Best of the Skagway Police Blotter Vol. 2 , also featuring Heard on the Wind!