By Jeff Brady
I know, the last thing you want to read right now is ANOTHER election column. I get it, and you can stop right now and jump to the blotter page if you want. But try to stay with me if you can.
You see, I, like many of you, am not impressed with the choices in the presidential race. At times like this – and they have happened in the past – I vote local.
For years, I have this neighbor who has always greeted me with, “How’s the Liberal Media doing today?” or “Bet you Liberal Media are happy now?” or “How’s the Liberal Media going to explain this one?”
Let’s get one thing straight. I don’t consider myself liberal, except on some social issues, which pegs me as more of a libertarian. I’m actually very conservative when it comes to financial matters, taxes and the like. But I consider myself friendly toward everyone – no matter the stripe – and hope they will be friendly back. It works pretty well in our little town.
But we are a society of labels, and if I must accept the Liberal Media moniker, so be it.  In the media’s defense, we are trained to be, as a former colleague so aptly put, “radical middle-of-the-roaders.” Yep that’s me, but my old friend doesn’t buy into the fact that most members of the media are professionals doing their jobs – their main job being asking questions that people sometimes don’t like to answer. But this kind of defense does not sway my friend.
I decided some time ago to ride it out with my old buddy, but I needed a comeback. So, one day, when he was going off on his disdain for the current president, I shot back with, “So says the Conservative Crank.” He loved it.
Of course, I really don’t consider him a crank, nor all that conservative. When he was on the school board he was a people person, and even more so when he was on the old city council. But as a member of the finance committee, he was mostly conservative, which I liked and respected.
I kept hoping in this presidential election that someone would rise to the head of his or her party and bring about some common sense to the process and the future of our country. Lead us through gridlock and make significant progress. Deal with the problems of our world, realistically and under budget. That has not happened.
Instead we are left with the two biggest egos we have ever seen running for their parties. One dodges every difficult question put to her about anything controversial in her past, while the other blusters uncontrollably and asks you to make him your savior. I’m not fooled. Whom can you trust? Neither.
That’s why I’m voting for my friend. When I told him the other day that he was my candidate, he did not know what to say.
“I trust you to do better than them,” I said.
So when we vote in Alaska on November 8, and the presidential race has been decided for us by other states, don’t think that you are wasting your vote. Go to the polls and do your duty (there are other races too). Vote for the person you truly believe in and hope for the best. Get cranky if you must.