Dec. 20th 

Customs and Border Patrol reported finding a man who had broken into the Port of Entry building.

Dec. 21st 

A lost key and keyfob were turned in.

A dog was reported at large near the Dyea Road.

Dec. 22nd

EMS personnel were paged out to assist a fallen and injured hiker.

EMS personnel assisted with a scheduled medevac.

Dec. 23rd

An officer assisted with a vehicle lockout.

A vehicle was reported to have been blocking an alleyway.

Dec. 24th

A request was made for the On Duty Provider.

Dec. 26th

A vehicle was reported stuck near the Lower Lake trailhead.

Dec. 28th

A single vehicle accident was reported to have occurred on the 26th.

A request was made for the On Duty Provider.

Dec. 29th

A dog was reported missing by its owner. The dog’s owner later reported it found.

Dec. 31st

An officer received a report regarding the sound of either gun shots or fireworks.

JAN. 2nd

An officer observed a suspicious person near a local business.

JAN. 3rd

A report was received regarding a vehicle travelling with no headlights.

JAN. 5th

A report was received regarding an individual potentially driving while intoxicated.

JAN. 6th

A report was made regarding a local resident potentially being stalked.

JAN. 7th

A report was received regarding potentially illegal dumping in Dyea.

Multiple dogs were reported missing. The dogs’ owner later reported them found.

Multiple requests were received for the On Duty Provider.

JAN. 8th

A trampoline was reported to be on a local road.

JAN. 9th

A dog was reported missing. Its owner later reported it to have been found.

A request was received for the On Duty Provider.

JAN. 10th

Fire Department personnel witnessed a single vehicle accident. A request for an ambulance was made and then later canceled.

JAN. 11th

EMS personnel were paged out for an ambulance request.

JAN. 12th

A suspicious call was received from a caller not in Skagway. The caller mentioned mass government surveillance before ending the call.

A vehicle was reported disabled due to a single vehicle collision on the Klondike Highway.

JAN. 13th

An officer found a street sign that had been blown off of its pole.

Multiple thefts of fuel and pellets were reported.

JAN. 14th

The sign for a local business was reported to have blown down and was found on the boardwalk.

JAN. 15th

A theft of fuel was reported.

A citizen was assisted with contacting the water department.

JAN. 16th

A local resident reported finding their front door and crawlspace open when they returned home.

JAN. 17th

An individual was reported to have been seen attempting to enter multiple locked vehicles.

JAN. 18th

EMS personnel responded to multiple ambulance calls.

EMS personnel assisted with multiple scheduled medevacs.

A theft of firewood was reported.

A vehicle was reported to be idle on the Klondike Highway. It was later ascertained the vehicle was attempting to put on tire chains.

JAN. 19th

A theft of fuel was reported.

An alarm was reported at a local business.

A suspicious individual was seen taking items out a local resident’s yard.

JAN. 20th

A theft of fuel was reported.

JAN. 21st

A window was reported open at a local business.

JAN. 22nd

A possible missing person was reported. RCMP, Canadian Customs and US Customs and Border Patrol were advised.

JAN. 23rd

EMS personnel responded to a request for an ambulance.

The missing person report from the 22nd was updated. The person reported missing had been located.