A little leftover wind from last season to start us off: this was found in the deep dark corners of the bookstore this winter, down among the candy wrappers, dust bunnies and Christmas tree needles….

On a hike in the Denver Glacier valley, a young woman asked the guide, “Do they make moose spray…you know, like bear spray?”

And so it begins! For those new to the windy drill, here’s how it works. You hear wind (something like the above, muttered by a tourist or a local), and you write it down, fast, before you forget it. Then, you take said note of wind down to the News Depot and drop it off with the bookstore staff, who will take one look, and you will know right then if you have good wind or so-so wind, based on the amplitude of laughter. Regardless, the final judgment for publication is up to the Windy One, after said note migrates up the stairs, hopefully without getting lost. Another way to do this advance wind placement, with the risk of only losing it electronically, is to email it directly to the Windy One at alaskan@skagwaynews.com. Take your best shot. May the wind be with you, always.