TIP: See map on back page to help you find these attractions!


Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park Museum Exhibits.  The park has many exhibits in its buildings around downtown Skagway  (see page 12).

Corrington Museum of Alaskan History.   This museum, located at 3rd and Broadway  adjacent to the old Golden North Hotel, tells the history of Alaska from pre-historic times to the present. More than 40 engraved walrus tusks and other exhibits detail events that shaped the evolution of the 49th state.

Jewell Gardens and Garden City Glassworks. This show garden developed on the site of the historic Clark Farm just across the Skagway River bridge has grown in recent years to a showpiece of the “Garden City of Alaska” for tours and special events, including weddings. It also includes a glassworks demo theater/factory and restaurant.

Alaska 360’s Dredge Town. Located along the river about a quarter-mile after crossing the bridge, this attraction features a reassembled gold dredge that worked the Sixtymile District near Dawson City. It first arrived in the north in Skagway in 1941 and was transported on the railroad and steamers to the Klondike. It returned to its home port of Skagway in 1999-2000. Dredge Town will transport you back to the days of 1898 with costumed guides and attractions that run from museums to three movies. There’s a sled dog demonstration with time to interact with dogs and puppies, gold panning, a 40-below Zero Experience, restaurant, and gift shop.

McCabe Bldg. –  Skagway Museum and Archives. Located at the east end of 7th Avenue, this granite building was constructed in 1899-1900 as a Methodist college-preparatory school and was later sold to the federal government in 1901 when legislation provided public schools for Alaska. It served as the U.S. Court House until obtained by the city for a museum and offices in 1956. The U.S. Marshal’s office, the U.S. Commissioner’s office, and the jail occupied the first floor. District Court was held on the second floor in the former chapel of McCabe College. In 2000, the City of Skagway celebrated its centennial at the McCabe Building, which has served as City Hall and Skagway Museum since 1961. After a two-year renovation project, the museum moved back into the first floor and city offices into the second floor.  Across Spring Street is Veterans Memorial Park with a World War II Quonset hut and a monument dedicated to Skagway servicemen who lost their lives in World War II and the Korean War. Nearby on the 7th Avenue boardwalks are a Gold Rush Diorama and information panels on the Garden City of Alaska and Alaska Native culture. Across Pullen Creek on a trail leading south to 6th Avenue is a panel about the old Pullen House, a grand early hotel with nothing left in the woods but its stone fireplace and chimney.

Skagway Sculpture Garden, 8th and Spring next to Veterans Park. This unique outdoor garden of sculpture and Alaska art has been amassed by private collector Bob White and is now available for display and tours. Featuring the works of Sandy Scott and 11 others.

Skagway Public Library, Eighth and State. Read about the library’s history from its organization through the Skagway Women’s Club to present day. Old Skagway newspapers available to read. Rotating displays in the glass case in entryway.

The Gorge Bridge. Located high above the Tutshi River at Mile 20 Klondike Highway, this  attraction includes a swaying bridge across the chasm and outdoor museum exhibits about this unique area of the world.