The certified election results have been approved by the Borough Assembly, bringing in several change-ups to the municipal government and Skagway School Board.

Write-in candidate Monica Carlson won the seat of Borough Mayor, receiving 288 votes over incumbent Mayor Mark Schaefer (223 votes). David Brena (311 votes) and Dan Henry (174 votes) were at the head of the pack for the two open Borough Assembly seats. Philip Clark was next-closest, with 169 votes.

Denise Sager and Heather Rodig had the most votes in the race for the two open Skagway School Board seats, with Sager receiving 328, and Rodig getting 330 votes.

Borough Mayor (one seat)

Monica Carlson      288
Mark Schaefer      223

Borough Assembly (two seats)

David Brena      311
Dan Henry      174
Philip Clark      169
Roger W. Griffin      149
Dewey McCracken      80

School Board (two seats)

Heather D. Rodig      330
Denise Sager      328
Cara Cosgrove      214
Chezare Doxey Leipold      82