Iris Monica Taylor Hahn, who lived the last two months of her life in Skagway, passed away in Denver, Colorado on Dec. 19, 2017.

Born on May 20, 1928, in Wimbledon, England, she endured an enchanting yet challenging childhood before and through World War II and the bombing of London.

Her father George Taylor ran several bookstores in London and his friends and famous clientele – such as author A.A. Milne and son Christopher, and actor Sir John Gielgud – enriched her life and her lifelong love of books and the arts. Her father’s enlistment into the army, the passing of her mother and the evacuation of children out of London during this time required that she live with others.

An angel arrived, Olive Strudwick, who raised Iris through the war, instilling Victorian ethics and manners, giving her a cherished childhood. Through academic scholarship, Iris received her formal education at The Godolphin & Latymer School in Hammersmith, London.
In 1944 she met her future husband, Army Air Corps soldier Allan Hahn, during the preparations for the Normandy invasion.

In July 1948 she sailed on the Queen Mary to America, married Allan Hahn and resided in Muscatine, Iowa.

Allan passed in 2012. Iris then lived with her daughter, Joyce, in Golden, Colorado. She continued her love of travel and spent a lot of time in Alaska, visiting her son, Scott. She enjoyed meeting people in Skagway, particularly the coffee group at Bites on Broadway or Sweet Tooth and senior lunches.
Over her 89 years, Iris was gracious and considerate, resilient and inspiring. Her British heritage enriched our lives.

Atlantic crossing travel with her children and eventually her grandchildren, started in the 1950s until 2017. These trips broadened our minds, helped us understand her past, bridged the extended family overseas and created our own memories of her beloved British Isles.

She was always one to engage anyone in a conversation and virtually all would warm to her genuine approach.
She is survived by her son, Scott Hahn, a daughter, Dr. Joyce Sedlacek and extended family in Europe and the United States.

We are so lucky to have had this strong Christian woman in our lives and look forward to seeing her again.

We will continue to remember both the serious lessons learned as well as the whimsical British visions of woodlot fairies, elfins, imps and other magical tide pool cave kingdoms from the books she read to us all.