February 3rd

Dispatch assisted in contacting a responsible party for a winter watchman light.

February 4th

A report of flying debris and a loose kayak on Alaska Street was received.

February 5th

Dispatch assisted an individual in contacting Petro Marine Services after hours.

February 6th

Police and S&R personnel responded to a welfare check that resulted in a missing persons investigation.

EMS personnel responded to a medical emergency.

EMS personnel assisted with a patient transfer.

Dispatch assisted an individual with contacting the On-Duty Provider.

February 7th

Dispatch received a report of possible identity theft.

February 8th

Dispatch received a report regarding a suspicious phone call.

Fire Department personnel responded to a false fire alarm.

A loose dog was reported.

February 10th

An officer performed a welfare check.

February 11th

A lost set of keys was reported.

A suspicious driver was reported.

February 12th

Dispatch sent out alerts and notifications regarding the Klondike Highway closure.

Dispatch contacted a property owner regarding an alarm.

February 13th

Dispatch attempted to assist a caller with contacting a former Skagway resident.

Dispatch provided road conditions to multiple callers.

Dispatch contacted the responsible party for a building with water flowing from its apartments.

February 14th

Dispatch assisted Sitka Probation and Parole with contacting a local individual.

EMS personnel assisted with a scheduled medevac.

February 16th

A local resident reported a potential telephone scam. The potential scam involved the caller claiming to be from the IRS.

A lost USB drive was turned in and returned to its owner.

A lost dog was reported.

February 18th

A winter watchman light was reported at a local business. The responsible party was advised.

Dispatch contacted the responsible party regarding an error alarm with the automated fire alarm system.

February 19th

Dispatch passed on the number to a local mechanic for a locked-out motorist.